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If you have had an accident and that was not your fault, London Accident Claims can help you. Our aim is to gain you the maximum compensation for your personal injury. Our experienced and friendly staff will make it simple and easy by filling out all the forms for you at all stages and you do not have to worry about filling forms.

Wherever you are and how far you are, leave it to our staff who will contact you over the phone and will process your claim. We instruct only specialist for personal injury solicitors to get you the best services.

We cover almost wide variety of accident claims, just click "Accident Types" to find out more.

Whiplash Claim
Road Accident claim
Trips and Slips

Whiplash is a term used to describe a neck injury caused by an impact causing the head to quickly move forwards and backwards or even sideways...

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Road Accidents are extremely common and the injuries suffered by those involved can vary greatly from minor whiplash to fatal injuries. For more informations...

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At LACL we have the experience to guide you through what can be a complex claims procedure to ensure you receive the accident compensation you...

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